3 Tips for Working with Your Criminal Attorney to Come Up with a Strategy

Jan 31, 2018

Just like your business requires a strategy and any task that you're trying to accomplish requires a strategy, fighting a legal case also requires a strategy. And in order to develop this strategy, you need to work in tandem with your criminal attorney. You need to sit down with them to figure out exactly how they're going to handle your case. What research have they done? What arguments are they going to make? What precedents are relevant to this case? Here are a few things you should discuss with your criminal attorney:
  • What are the facts of the case? You might know all the facts of the case from your end. But you also need to find out what the other party knows and is planning to use against you. The first step is to inform your lawyer about the facts as you see them. After this is done, you'll need to figure out what proof the other party is presenting and what witnesses they will be calling to the stand. Carefully perusing the information available is important, not just for your lawyer but also for you.
  • What does your attorney plan to emphasize? Speak with your attorney about what they consider important to the case. Is it the fact that you don't have a record? Is it the fact that you come from a good family and are known to be reliable and dependable among your associates? Or is it some mistake that your attorney thinks the police made when arresting you? Knowing what your attorney is going to emphasize is important so that you're not taken by surprise.
  • Where do you think the other party's case is lacking? As they say, a good offense is the best defense. So don't let yourself get cornered by the proof that the other party is bringing against you. Try to figure out the holes in their case and go on the offense yourself. If you know any facts that will help your lawyer with this, share them asap so that your lawyer will have time to build up a defense.
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Michael Mitchell


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