How a Criminal Lawyer Will Help You Make Your Statement

Dec 13, 2017

You might be someone who's never had to work with a criminal lawyer before. Maybe you've never had any encounters with the law. Maybe you've never even broken a law in your lifetime. But it's possible for anyone to be accused of a crime, even if they haven't done it. And in cases like these, you'll need a criminal lawyer to help you out.
Don't Try to "Clear Things Up" Without Your Lawyer Present
Whether you've been accused of a white collar crime, drunk driving or domestic violence, you should hire a criminal lawyer before you say anything to the police or in court.
Some people mistakenly think that the crime they have been accused of is not so grave. If only they can "clear things up" with the police or the judge, they'll be allowed to go home. So they don't bother getting an attorney. They choose to defend themselves. Or they might not get an attorney until much later in the game.
Don't make this mistake. Once your statement is on the record, it's very difficult to change it, unless you can prove that you were coerced. So you should call your criminal lawyer right away, as soon as you're taken to the police station for questioning.
Being Charged with a Crime/Sharing Information About a Crime
The first thing your criminal lawyer will do is figure out if you are being charged with anything. If the police don't have enough evidence to charge you with a crime, then they can't hold you at the police station.
At this point, your lawyer will advise you whether or not you should tell them what you know about the crime. If the crime was committed by someone else and you know who did it and why, then this is information that you may consider sharing with the police, as long as it doesn't incriminate you.  However, its clearly best to have a criminal defense attorney at your side when you make these sorts of decisions.
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