Fresno DUI Lawyer

No one goes out intending to get arrested for DUI/DWI. Having one drink too many can lead to serious consequences. If convicted, you could be facing high fines, a loss of driving privileges or even time in jail. Don't let a simple lapse in judgment affect the rest of your life. Get the help of a DUI lawyer as quickly as possible.

At the Mitchell Law Group, Inc. our attorneys offer aggressive drunk driving defense to local residents and those charged with DUI/DWI while visiting our area. We understand the havoc a conviction can have on your life. It is our lawyers goal to have the charges against dropped or greatly reduced, allowing you to move forward from this difficult time. DUI Driver Mitchell Law Group

1000+ DUI and DMV Hearings Handled

Attorney Michael E. Mitchell has extensive experience in defending DUI/DWI cases. Mr. Mitchell has worked with the largest DUI firm in the nation as an "of counsel" attorney.  In addition, he has handled in excess of 1,000 DUI and DMV cases. 

Over a Decade of Solid DUI Experience

Moreover, he has over a decade of experience and is qualified as a field sobriety practitioner and field sobriety instructor according to the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  He has also attended and, successfully completed, a comprehensive Drug Recognition Evaluation course.  He is a member of the California DUI lawyers association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Moreover, he has both extensive jury trial experience handling DUI cases and Appellate experience.  

Fight Your License Suspension!!

A majority of our clients who come to us in need of DUI/DWI representation are most concerned with losing their driver's license for an extended period of time. Whether you are being charged with your first DUI/DWI offense or are a repeat offender, we will help you request a DMV administrative hearing to obtain a temporary license. We will aggressively subpoena all the evidence from the law enforcement agency responsible for your arrest and the agencies responsible for analyzing blood samples and maintaining breat testing accuracy and maintenance records.  We will analyze all the evidence in your case, including dash cam videos, body cam videos, booking videos, and any other evidence that exists.  In addition, we work with experienced and capable license private investigators in cases where witnesses must be located, interviewed and subpoenaed to testify before the DMV.  We will make sure that you receive the best defense humanly possible in your case.  

Put Your Fresno DUI Case with a Capable Lawyer

When you work with the Mitchell Law Group, your case is in capable hands from start to finish. We carefully review the facts of your case, looking for opportunities for dismissal, lesser charges, or a jury trial. If you need quality representation and a resolute advocate for a DUI/DWI criminal charge, schedule a free consultation with attorney Michael E. Mitchell. Contact our office to arrange a free consultation. The sooner you call after your arrest, the sooner we can begin protecting your rights and planning your defense.