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gavels.jpgArrested and forgot to appear in court? Did you get a letter from the court that there is a bench warrant for your arrest? If you've failed to appear in court or have an outstanding warrant, we know how to get you back on the court's calendar and can take care of your criminal matter fast.

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We know how frightening it can be to have a warrant out for your arrest. Imagine being at your place of employment only to have the police pull you out of a meeting to arrest you for an outstanding warrant. Think it can't happen- think again. Law enforcement, unfortunately, doesn't care how much they embarass you. You could also be pulled over during a routine traffic stop or encounter a checkpoint. Imagine being arrested immediately and winding up in jail for the entire weekend, until you make it in front of the judge the following Monday or Tuesday.

Bench warrants are routinely issued for failure to show up to a mandatory court date or to meet probation conditions, such as performing community service, signing up for a driving under the influence course, or payment of fines. A bench warrant is an order for a person to be immediately arrested on site if they are encountered by a law enforcement officer. Generally, a failure to appear or a warrant will also be sent to DMV and your driver's license will be immediately suspended as soon as DMV receives the order from the court.

On most misdemeanor warrants your attendance in court is not required. Most likely, we can take care of it without you facing the hassle of attending court. On felony warrants, you are to be present at the intial appearance and if a plea is reached, when the court takes the plea. Depending on the seriousness of the felony and where you live in relationship to the court, even on a felony, you may not have to show up to all the court dates.

Michael E. Mitchell is an experienced bench warrant attorney. As a former public defender, Mr. Mitchell knows how to get your case put on the court's calendar immediately and can have your warrant recalled in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take. We know the ins and outs of the system from being in court almost every single day of the week.

Michael E. Mitchell is an arrest warrant lawyer with practical knowledge and can assist you in getting your bench warrant taken care of quickly. If you have an outstanding bench warrant or arrest warrant in Fresno or another area of the San Joaquin Valley, give us a call now to see how we can help. You don't want to go it alone and it is invaluable to have the right warrant attorney at your side. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, you can reach us at (559) 222-2424.