Arson Charges Are Particularly Serious in California

Jan 10, 2022


California is in a state of crisis when it comes to fire and the hazardous effects that it has on the lives of its citizens. In just 2021, over 2 million acres have burned. The wildfires in California have resulted in entire towns being burned to the ground. Thousands of people have been left homeless and have had to relocate. Hot and dry weather conditions easily and quickly allow fire to spread beyond the control of fire departments. Lives and livelihoods may be lost. There has been a crackdown on fire related crimes, including possession of illegal fireworks and arson.

Accused Of Arson?

Arson charges are dependent on the accused perpetrator's intent. Did you mean to start a fire, or was it an accident? Did you intend to burn down a garage or an entire neighborhood? Did you intend to hurt anyone?

Prosecutors must prove that you willfully and maliciously started the fire with the intent of damaging land or property. As fire spreads quickly here, the amount of damage that the fire causes will also determine your charges. Most types of arson are considered serious, or even violent felonies under California's Three Strikes Law. Unlawfully causing a fire, without damage to property or injury, though can still be a misdemeanor offense

If you are found guilty of an arson charge, you could be facing several years in state prison and massive fines. In certain cases, depending on various factors, such as a prior record of arson or the extent of the blaze, you could be facing a life sentence (See Penal Code 451.5 [aggravated arson]. Given the seriousness of arson charges, it is in your best interest to seek out the best and most experienced attorney available to defend you at this time.

Your Defense Options

Your age can play a major factor in your defense, especially if you are a minor under the age of eighteen. Do you have mental health issues that played a role in crime?

Was the fire an accident or the result of a mistake? Did someone force you to start a fire or did you have to do so to save someone?

The goal of your attorney is to point out the weaknesses and mistakes in the prosecutor's case as they try to prove your intent. Protect your rights, reputation, and freedom with the best attorney in Fresno.

Contact criminal defense attorney and nationally recognized expert Michael E. Mitchell at the Mitchell Law Group to schedule your free initial case assessment and we can begin exploring your options. Over 16 years of experience in California criminal law can only benefit your case and we will work hard to get you the outcome possible.

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