When Do You Need to Hire a Fresno DUI Attorney?

Sep 16, 2021


It is illegal to drive under the influence, which means that all Fresno DUI charges go to criminal court. While individuals have the right to represent themselves in court, most defendants in these cases will either have a court-appointed public defender or hire a private attorney to represent them.

When to Hire a Private DUI Attorney

Generally, defendants in a DUI case, if they can afford it, will hire a private attorney to represent them throughout the DMV administrative process and in court. Working with the same attorney during both processes can help secure a more favorable outcome, which could include a shorter period of license suspension. Having continuity of representation, can help avoid a situation where you have an attorney who is unfamiliar with evidence that was submitted or referred to in a separate matter.

In addition, even if you do have the good fortune of getting a committed and diligent public defender, they are often at the mercy of their office as far as being reassigned to new courtrooms. So just when you think that everything is meshing with you and your court appointed attorney, you may show up to court to find an entirely new public defender on your next court date.

What worries many people is the cost of hiring an attorney. However, with the right lawyer providing reliable representation, the costs of hiring an attorney can be worth it. Attorneys with a focus in DUI cases, often have a strong understanding of what the case will entail along with the state's laws, which an inexperienced attorney won't possess.

Seeking an Attorney's Opinion

Individuals, with little to no experience, and no formal training regarding DUI cases are likely to have a difficult time understanding a DUI case and the facts around it. Lack of experience with handling DUI cases, can make it beneficial to consult with an attorney who is experienced in the area to decide on the best approach.

Reputable DUI attorneys will provide free consultations, to discuss cases, based on the police report and any other available documentation.

Going to Trial

If a DUI case goes to trial, hiring an attorney will be crucial. Individuals are still able to represent themselves in trial, but the insufficient experience and knowledge regarding the trial process will put defendants at a severe disadvantage. Judges are also far less patient with self-represented defendants who have little understanding of court proceedings.

Of course, if you can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you by the court. However, you are not going to get to choose your public defender, and if you find one you like, they may not end up being the one who is going to represent you at trial. By hiring your own attorney, you can assure that you can have the same attorney represent you at the DMV process and throughout the different states of the criminal case.

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