Accused of Assault During Quarantine? Fresno Criminal Attorney Can Help

May 27, 2020


Until recently, we have been under a state-wide quarantine order, demanding that we stay at home unless our purpose is essential to our survival, such as shopping for food and going to work. Many of were asked to work from home as much as possible.


Spending more time around our families can be both a blessing and a curse. We are used to our freedom. Spending too much time around people during a contentious time in the relationship can turn bad. 

Accused Of Domestic Assault?

Everyone argues. Tensions continue to rise when we cannot separate from each other to cool down and, sometimes, people continue to fight until the situation becomes volatile. It has become common knowledge that domestic assaults have increased in number due to current world events.


We feel unsettled when our routine is upended, and privacy is important for our mental health. COVID-19 has unfortunately changed all of our lives and has given us a heightened sense of paranoia toward many things we used to take for granted. 

The consequences for domestic violence in California vary but even a misdemeanor can cost you time, money, and freedom. Fines, anger management classes, and jail time could be likely without help. A knowledgeable and compassionate Fresno criminal attorney can help you combat these charges. 

Why Choose Mitchell Law Group?

Mitchell Law Group is, currently, operating at full speed. Due to the current crisis, we have all been forced to adapt. We continue to offer in person appointments, as well as consultations via phone or video. 


Mr. Mitchell, routinely, defends people in domestic violence cases and he understands what you have to lose. A guilty verdict can affect your entire future, including the ability to find a job, rent a home, or own a firearm. Mr. Mitchell has a proven track record of success defending domestic violence cases.


Contact us  Mitchell Law Group or call 559-222-2424 to schedule your initial consultation. It's free and you will be meeting with the top defense attorneys in the city. Our advice and our guidance can take you far, and even set you free.


Michael Mitchell


Michael Mitchell is a Fresno attorney who practices in the areas of DUI, personal injury & criminal law. Visit his Google+ profile.