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Sep 18, 2019


Have you recently been charged with a DUI? Are you being charged with a second or Third DUI offense? A DUI offense is a serious charge that needs quality legal assistance to challenge the narrative of the arresting officer and fight for your rights at DMV and in the courts. Michael Mitchell is a criminal defense attorney, certified field sobriety practitioner and instructor, and has a ridiculously strong track record in the area of DUI defense. He can help you mount a strong legal defense against a DUI. For 13  years, he has provided quality legal defense for individuals that have been charged with driving under the influence. He's dedicated to providing justice and protecting his clients.  He's a serious trial attorney, handling DUI homicide to DUIs occurring in Federal court, and on appeal.

How The Mitchell Law Group Can Help You With A DUI Offense

California Vehicle Code 23152 prohibits driving a vehicle under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. There are several defenses that can be used to fight a drunk driving charge. In fact, a DUI arrest doesn't mean you'll be convicted with the life altering effects of being charged with the suspicion of DUI. You may have a medical condition that can make a great legal defense against being suspected of driving while under the influence. Diabetes, a high protein diet, fasting, and hypoglycemia can all produce a false breath test reading because of increased ketone. If you later take a blood test and it's under the 0.8 percent blood alcohol limit, this will be a reason for the prosecutor to drop the case (Michael Mitchell has experience in medical DUI defense).

Other California DUI Defenses:

  • Neglected to follow Title 17 procedures and regulations
  • Driving pattern does not indicate DUI
  • Drinking pattern and chemical test result shows you were under the legal limit at the time of driving
  • Defendant was mentally alert
  • Illegally obtained evidence
  • Improper field sobriety test

If you need a qualified legal defense against your DUI charge, the Mitchell Law Group can help. Fresno DUI attorney, Michael Mitchell offers reasonable payment plans to ensure that everyone has access to a high-powered legal defense when they need it the most. Don't run the risk of losing your license, losing your job, having a DUI on your driving record, or trying to fight a DUI on your own. For your best legal defense against a DUI, contact us today for more details.

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