Felony Arrests and Convictions

May 08, 2019


If you are in trouble with the law, you are probably confused. The legal system is quite complicated, especially because there are several different levels of offenses in California. While infractions are considered small, petty offenses (e.g. speeding tickets), misdemeanors are more serious charges. Even a small misdemeanor offense can lead to being placed on probation and a life long blemish on your record.

Each level of offenses come with their own consequences. If you have been charged with a felony, here is what you should expect.

A felony is the worst offense that you can be charged with. You are facing up to a year and jail as well as the possibility of prison.  If you are placed on probation, it is formal probation with a probation officer and you cannot leave the state.  If you don't follow the conditions of your release, you could wind up in prison. 

However, that is not all. Your life is going to change completely. You will lose some rights, such as the right to vote and have firearms. You won't be able to serve in the military or work in certain professions depending upon the licensing board. Other consequences, could include the registration with the city police or sheriff.  

Because there are so many repercussions for crimes, it is important that you hire a good lawyer. If your lawyer is not able to get your charges dropped, he or she will attempt to get a lesser offense. Your felony charge may also be dropped to a misdemeanor.  A smart criminal attorney may be able to help you avoid jail or being placed on formal probation.  

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