Do we have a Failure to Communicate? Talking with Your Fresno Criminal Lawyer

Nov 15, 2017


Every person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. And this is why everyone has the right to a criminal lawyer to argue the case on their behalf.

It's important for this lawyer to be practical i.e., to take into consideration how things look for their client. But it's also important for the lawyer to consider how the client wants the case to be argued i.e., whether they want to plead guilty or not guilty, whether they want to accept a deal etc.

The Importance of Communication

When you work with a good criminal lawyer, they'll give you what they consider to be the best advice but they'll also argue the case the way you want. So it's a good idea to communicate properly with the lawyer who is handling your case.

Working Fast vs. Working Slow

If the lawyer isn't taking the time to sit down and talk with you, this might make you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there are times when the lawyer must move fast, especially in the court room, but is still acting in your best interests. Eventually, however, your lawyer should sit down with you and explain everything that's happening—whether things are going in your favor or against it.

Also, in this day and age, the pace of technology has made people forget that everyone, even Criminal Defense Attorneys, are human.  Sometimes, just like everyone else, they have busy days, or busier weeks where they struggle to get back to people immediately.  We always endeavor to return all communication as quickly as possible.  However, its important to remember that, at the end of the day, your concerned with getting the best possible outcome on your case.

To achieve the results you seek, attorney’s must spend time and effort making sure they have all the evidence in the case.  Once all the evidence is in front of them, they can decide what motions need to be filed, what defenses should be raised, and whether you should, ultimately, take a deal or go to trial.  Getting all the evidence or pieces to the puzzle takes time, sometimes over the course of several months.  So, its important to remember, that this is often not going to be an overnight process.

Being Honest with Your Lawyer

You should be as forthcoming as possible with your lawyer and tell them exactly what happened and how. Anything that you tell your lawyer is confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. It’s not as though they are going to use your information against you. It’s best to be upfront, because dishonesty rarely holds up once its put to the test in a courtroom under the rigor of cross-examination. It's also best not to try to protect anyone else by hiding pertinent facts about them because this will inevitably work against you.

Listening to Your Lawyer's Advice

Once you've told your lawyer your version of the story, they'll tell you what your chances are and you can decide how you want to go forward. Remember to listen carefully because listening is also a big part of the process.  You want to absorb what is being said, even if the circumstances make it difficult to process.  Often, unpleasant information is difficult to hear.

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