Top Criminal Defense Tips When You're Facing Charges

Sep 20, 2017

If you are facing criminal charges, you are probably feeling more than a little bit nervous about what is going to happen. These are a few criminal defense tips that can help you through this difficult process.
1. Make Sure You Hire a Lawyer
First of all, it is important to make sure that you hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can talk to you about the details of your case, and the longer that he or she has to work on your case before you have to go to court, the better. Plus, you'll probably feel some relief in knowing that you have a legal professional by your side during this tough time.
Make sure that you follow the advice that your lawyer gives you if you want him or her to be as successful as possible when representing you. For example, if you are facing alcohol-related charges, such as a charge for driving while impaired, your attorney might suggest that you seek alcohol counseling before your court date. This can help you look better to the judge when you go to court.
2. Do Not Miss Your Court Dates
It is imperative not to miss any of your court dates unless your lawyer tells you that he or she has continued your court date or that your appearance is not required. If you miss a court date, your bond could be revoked, and you could end up back in jail, for example.
3. Avoid Getting in Trouble
It is important to abide by the law and avoid getting in any trouble while you are facing criminal charges. The last thing that you need is to get into even more trouble before your current case has even been handled!!  One to the most common ways that people get in trouble is on domestic violence cases when they contact the victim with a court protective order in place.  This is, usually, easy for the prosecution to find out- especially, if the victim shows the prosecutor text messages and phone calls.  This type of violation, can lead to you being taken into custody, having your bail raised, and a new charge.  
Facing criminal charges can be scary, and you could be facing a loss of your freedom, depending on the cases that are pending against you. If you are looking for a lawyer that you can count on to help you through this difficult process, contact us at Mitchell Law Group today.

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