Criminal Defense Tip: Do Not Agree To A Polygraph Without The Representation Of An Attorney

May 13, 2015

In criminal cases, there always seems to be some confusion about the use of lie detector tests, also referred to as a polygraph. These tests are given as an attempt to show when someone is giving a deceptive answer to a question. Criminal investigators and attorneys may administer this test for various reasons.

If someone ever asks you to take a lie detector test, and it does not matter who asks you, you should always be aware of the circumstances surrounding the decision you will make. You should also not make a decision until you have spoken with an attorney who is qualified to handle your case.

An important criminal defense tip to remember is that a polygraph can not detect if a person is lying. However, when you tell a lie, your body will have certain responses that others may measure as being deceptive. Still, there are various other reasons why someone may have symptoms of "deception".

So, why would you agree to take a polygraph? Well, you should not agree, at least not without having a qualified defense attorney by your side. If you are talking to a detective about any kind of criminal offense, you should certainly hire an attorney as quickly as possible.
A polygraph can sometimes be a set up to get you to make a confession. A polygraph can also be tactic to get you to come into the police station before you get an opportunity to contact an attorney.

You will never be able to change the mind of a detective by taking a polygraph or by giving a statement. If a detective has already made a decision about you being guilty, it does not matter what you say, he or she will still think that way. It will not matter if you did it or not. So, why will the detective want you to take the polygraph? To get a confession out of you.

You should never agree to take a lie detector test or an interview without having your attorney there with you. Contact us if you have been questioned by investigators, especially if you know you have not done anything wrong. 

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Michael Mitchell


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