Your Fresno Domestic Violence Lawyer: Gathering Evidence if You're Wrongly Accused

Mar 18, 2015

When you hire a domestic violence lawyer, they'll work on different levels to assure that when you're falsely accused, it's proven as definitively as possible. Here at Mitchell Law Group, we're here to work with you as your legal advocate in finding evidence proving you were not the aggressor when arrested for abusing your spouse.

In reality, there is often a presumption of guilt when it comes to domestic violence offenses. This could be due to the high rate of criminal domestic violence conduct. A report this last year from the Fresno Bee shows it's an everyday occurrence and ranges from vandalism all the way to attempted murder. Statistics like this make it even more challenging for people facing false accusations.

It's important to have an astute attorney like on your side when looking for evidence to prove you aren't to blame. What things will we thoroughly investigate so we can convince a jury you were falsely accused?

How Was the Relationship with Your Spouse?

One of the first things we look into is the status of your relationship with your spouse when the domestic violence occurred. How bad was your relationship, and how long has it been going on? What kind of motivations has your spouse had in possibly accusing you when you're actually the victim?

In many marriages, the accused can often be the victim of domestic violence themselves within the household. It’s important to bring the details of the relationship to light either through your testimony or the testimony of other independent witnesses.

Pending Divorces

Divorces are frequently the sources of aggression in marriages, sometimes leading to domestic violence situations. We look into whether a divorce was pending when the violence occurred and whether it could have set off one or both of you. You don’t see many divorces that don't get contentious, even though domestic abuse may have been going on long before you finally filed for divorce.

Child Custody Battles

We'll also look into child custody battles going on when the domestic violence incident happened. Sometimes accusations occur when there's a child custody or child visitation rights legal fight brewing. Judges take it seriously if one or both parents are abusive in determining who gets complete custody of the kids.

While this is a very volatile issue, we take this into consideration and present it to a judge or jury on why you were perhaps falsely accused of causing violence to your spouse. After careful investigation, we'll find the truth and make sure you get proper custody of your children when it's deemed you're not the aggressor.

Contact us here at Mitchell Law Group if you've just been falsely accused of abusing your spouse. We'll get to work immediately on every piece of available evidence.  This way we can do our best to seek your vindication in the criminal justice system.

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