Fresno Dog Bite Lawyers

Fresno Dog Bite Attorney Michael E. Mitchell and his office will fight for you or your loved one who has suffered a dog bite injury.  At the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., we have the experience and know how that you need on your side to stand up for you and achieve a successful outcome on your case. angry_dog.jpg If you or someone you care about has been attacked by a dog, you, assuredly, are going through a very difficult time. 

Compassion and Personal Attention 

We know and care about the outcome of your case and will make sure we are with you every step of the way.  Your case will require an attorney to gather all of the information to build your case from the ground up without missing the finest of details.  When working with Fresno dog bite lawyer, Michael E. Mitchell, and his office, nothing will be overlooked because we know the importance your case can have on your life and your future. 

Fresno Dog Bite Attorneys - Helping Victims of Dog Attacks

If you are a victim of a dog bite or dog attack we understand that your injuries can be very serious and that the medical and emotional effects can have life altering consequences. You or a loved one who has been a victim of a dog bite, or has been attacked by a dog, should contact the Fresno dog bite attorney Michael E. Mitchell for a free case analysis to determine your best course of action.

When handling your case there are many areas that need to be addressed.  This will range from the medical and violent history of the dog, to the people who have knowledge of the dog’s behavior; this can even be a third party or neighbors who’ve witnessed the dog’s prior behavior or the owner’s negligence in maintaining the dog.  The other areas are the medical, emotional and financial impact you have suffered due to this event.  These areas all require skill, knowledge and expertise.  You can reach Fresno Dog Bite Lawyer Michael E. Mitchell today, via email or phone, to schedule a free initial consultation.

Detailed Investigation and Representation

It is very important that you have a knowledgeable dog bite attorney in Fresno, California review your case early so all areas can be taken into account and addressed at an early stage.  It is best to start moving on these areas to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Another benefit in acting fast is that it allows us to put together a concrete record and preserve all evidence in the case, which can be very critical in later stages as your case proceeds to a mediation or trial. 

How well your case is structured in the beginning will ensure the best possible settlement or verdict for you at the end of your case.  A dedicated and systematic approach will pave the way for you to get back to a normal life after enduring the traumatic repercussions from a serious dog bite injury.

Recovery for Pain and Suffering

Your settlement or verdict will include compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, medical care and rehabilitation.  In addition, a settlement or verdict should also include future lost wages, if applicable, and future medical care or treatment.  The Fresno Dog Bite Attorneys at the Mitchell Law Group, Inc. will fight to protect your rights and keep your best interest at heart.  Our goal is to help get your or your loved one back to the normal life that you once knew.  This is the single most important objective for your case. 

Our office can utilize our resources to help fight your Fresno Dog Bite Injury no matter how big or small.  We will sit down with you and provide you with the information you will need to help you proceeding with you or your loved ones injury case.  You can never expect when, or if, a dog bite or injury will occur.  However, you can trust that the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., are the Fresno Dog Bite Attorneys who will be there to assist you when you need them.  Contact the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., for a free evaluation of your dog bite case.  You can reach us via phone at the following number, (559) 222-2424 or via email on our quick contact form or contact us page.