Coalinga Traffic Attorneys

scales.jpgHave you recently received a ticket for speeding or were cited for a traffic violation in the Coalinga area?  If so, you could be facing financial fines, points on your DMV record and the suspension of your driver’s license.  You need the help and professional experience of the Mitchell Law Group, Inc.  At the Mitchell Law Group, a local attorney will fight for you!  We are on the scene and know the local judicial system.  If you are looking for peace of mind and the best chance to beat your ticket, you’ve come to the right place.

Coalinga, California is located within the County of Fresno.  At the Mitchell Law Group, our office is located in the heart of Fresno and we know the Coalinga court system very well.  We know which Judge is on the bench and we are familiar with many of the officers who show up to handle your case.  Are you in good hands?  Absolutely!!  You’re with the best around- The Mitchell Law Group, Inc.

Receiving a ticket for a traffic violation or speeding could end up costing you a lot of extra money on your car insurance every year.  The attorneys at the Mitchell Law Group have the experience and knowledge you are looking for to fight for your rights.  Our local Coalinga attorneys will save you the time of going to court and the added premiums on your car insurance. If you get points added to your driving record the financial impact may be considerable for years to come.

Not to mention you may face the loss of your driver’s license if you’ve accumulated too many points within a year.  In California, a driver can only have three points on their driving record; one more and they end up facing a suspension for up to a year.  We also handle negligent operator suspensions for excessive points as well.  We've helped many of our clients avoid negligent operator suspensions and, as a fall back, have enabled them to continue driving by obtaining a probationary license.

If you’re looking for an experienced Coalinga traffic and speeding attorney, look no farther.  You need the help and professional experience of the Mitchell Law Group.  At The Mitchell Law Group, Inc., a local attorney will go to war for you, to do our utmost to keep the points and the violations off your record.   Why mess around with higher insurance, upset management and the headaches of having a point on your record.  Our Coalinga traffic lawyers mean business and we know how to handle moving violations. 

The Attorneys at the Mitchell Law Group are here to help you.  Coalinga is not the most popular location in California.  By hiring our office, we can save you the trip.  We can also save your license and give you the confidence of having a clean driving history.  Whether you have recently gotten cited for speeding, driving under the influence, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, running a red light/stop sign, racing, or vehicular manslaughter our team of Coalinga traffic defense attorneys are here to help you.  

For more information regarding your Coalinga traffic citation contact The Mitchell Law Group, Inc. at (559) 222-2424 today.