Fresno Premises Liability Lawyer

The Mitchell Law Group, Inc., handles premises liability claims in Fresno, California. premise_liability.jpg In California, land owners are responsible for making sure that their property or land is maintained in a safe condition. Premises liability refers to the area of law where a landlord is negligent for causing an injury to a third person for a dangerous condition. One of the most well used examples of premises liability is the banana peel in the grocery store, where a patron steps on a banana peel that was not picked up by a negligent employee. In this scenario, the customer, if they are injured, has the right to sue the owner fo the grocery store for any injuries that they incurred as a result of the property owners negligence.  If you sustained such an injury it is essential that you contact a dedicated Fresno Injury Attorney.

Need an Attorney for a Premises Liability Lawsuit in Fresno?

While the banana peel is a fairly straightforward example of a property owner's negligence, these cases can be much more complicated.  Prior to commencing a premises liability suit, you should have a consultation with a premises liability attorney in Fresno to consider the following issues:

  • Was there something on the property that constituted a danger or hazard for visitors or residents of the property or rental property?  
  • How was the condition dangerous and, if you were an attorney, how would you prove that it was hazardous?
  • Did the landowner have prior knowledge of the condition on his property? In some cases landowners do not know that there is a problem with their property that could cause a potential injury.  In other cases, the property owner knows full well that there is a danger, but chooses to overlook it or let it go unrepaired.  For instance, if a landowner leaves the gate to their pool unlocked knowing that there are children next door who might wander into their backyard, then they may be liable if one of those children drowns in their pool. 
  • Did the landowner have sufficient time to repair the dangerous condition on the property before the accident occurred?  This can be a difficult question to answer and should best be discussed after your potential case is analyzed by a knowledgeable Fresno premises liability attorney. One of the most difficult aspects of any premises liability case is proving that the responsible party was aware of the condition before the incident took place. This often requires the help of a skilled private investigator and we often work hand in hand with such professionals.

Contact a Fresno Premises Liability Lawyer to Discuss your Potential Claim

If you are located in Fresno or Clovis, or in a surrounding city such as Visalia, Tulare, Madera, Hanford or Merced and you have sustained an injury due to a landowners negligence, contact the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., today to arrange a meeting where we can discuss your case with you.  A premises liability claim may involve substantial injuries and may even warrant the attention of a Fresno Wrongful Death Attorney. The negligent property owner may be responsible for paying you damages for your injuries, including lost wages, out of pocket medical expenses and compensation for pain you suffered or are continuing to suffer.

There are a variety of ways that a property owner may be negligent. An unattended to hazard is one way that a landowner may be at fault for an injury sustained. Another common way is if there is inadequate security to protect residents or visitors. An example of this is the apartment complex or restaurant/bar where there have been prior incidents of violence but the landowner does not provide security guards to protect residents or customers. Having a dangerous dog on a landowner's property is another form of negligence. A dog bite may have been properly prevented had the homeowner taken precautions ahead of time; for instance, having fencing that is substantial enough to keep the dog away from people traveling nearby. Fresno Dog Bite Attorney and premises liability lawyer, Michael E. Mitchell, represents clients who've been injured by property owner’s failure to take action to protect other people.

Free Review of Your Fresno Premises Liability Claim

Every case is different and should be reviewed carefully and, we are one of a few Fresno Premises Liability Attorneys, who goes the distance for our clients to make sure that every aspect of their case is investigated to obtain the total compensation that they are due for their injuries. Give us a call or email today to discuss your potential premises liability case.