Fresno Homicide Defense Attorney

Almost nothing is more inconceivable than the nightmare of being charged with Murder. While it may seem unreal, the fact is that innocent people do get charged with murder or homicide. At the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., we have experience handling homicide cases. Don't go to an attorney that doesn't. The mistake can literally mean the difference between life and death or at least life in prison or life with the rest of society. Due to the fact that Mr. Mitchell is well respected in the Central Valley as a criminal defense attorney, he is regularly appointed by the Fresno Superior Court to represent clients accused of murder and attempted murder. He has the knowledge and skill to make a difference in you or your family members case, call him today at (559) 222-2424.

First Degree Murder

First degree murder is homicide which is deliberately committed and planned. No crime in our society is more serious. Those charged with premeditated murder can face the stiffest punisnment possible - the death penalty. Depending upon how the prosecutor files the criminal complaint or allegations, the penalty range for first degree premeditated murder starts out at 25 years to life and could also include a life sentence or a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Second Degree Murder

A prison sentence for second degree murder can range from 15 years to life and depending upon aggravating circumstances can go up from there. Second degree murder is where another human being is killed by someone else and the person who does the killing acted with reckless indifference to human life. These days, one of the most common second degree murder scenarios, unfortunately, is where a person is killed by a drunk driver. The drunk driver is now charged with second degree murder based upon the case of People v. Watson, now dubbed "Watson Murder." Mr. Mitchell has extensive experience handling Watson murder or DUI murder. He also has experience handing "conventional" second degree murder cases.


Manslaughter is another form of homicide where a person is killed by someone, however, the killing falls into a lesser category of criminality. Killing done in the heat of passion or killing done based on a mistaken belief that you are acting in self-defense falls under the category of voluntary manslaughter. Generally considered a lesser offense than second degree murder, this type of killing is nonetheless gravely serious and results in lengthy prison terms. Involuntary manslaughter, on the other hand, is where a person is killed by someone who acted with ordinary negligence, e.g. running a stop sign or speeding. Typically involuntary manslaughter is charged as a misdemeanor.

Attempted Murder

Attempted murder can either be planned or unplanned. If it is a planned murder that didn't occur, the consequences are a minimum of 15 years to life. At the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., we've represented several clients many clients charged with attempted murder and planned, or premeditated attempted murder.

If you or someone you care about is charged with Murder, don't rely on an amateur lawyer who doesn't have the first clue about handling a murder case. Michael E. Mitchell represents clients accused of murder, manslaughter and attempted murder in Fresno County and across the California's Central Valley. He has experience as a homicide defense attorney and will work tirelessly to defend your case.

If you or someone you care about is being charged with a homicide, the Mitchell Law Group, Inc. should be your first call. Day or night, you can contact us via email or telephone. Our telephone number is (559) 222-2424.