Fresno Federal Crime Attorney

Are you or someone you know being accused of committing a Federal Crime? If the answer is “yes,” then you need to contact the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., (559) 222-2424. Fresno based Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, Mike Mitchell, has years of experience in the Federal Court system and he will aggressively fight for you. He represents clients in the United States Eastern District Court located in Fresno, California and the magistrate court located in the Yosemite National Park. Mr. Mitchell has expert knowledge concerning serious Federal offenses, including life sentence cases. He also represents clients charged with Federal Offenses in the Sequoia National Park and routinely travels up to Yosemite to represent clients charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Drug Charges, hunting in the park and a variety of other crimes. Business Man Handcuffed

Federal crimes are prosecuted differently than those prosecuted within the state court system. Federal crimes are prosecuted within the United States District Court.

The punishment for violating Federal law is usually much more severe. For example, on minor misdemeanor offenses in the Federal system, you face confinement in a Federal prison, rather than a local jail. In addition, there are no “infractions” in Federal court, even a speeding ticket is considered a misdemeanor.

Attorneys practicing in the Federal system need to know what they are doing, period. Federal Rules of Procedure and Local Rules must also be strictly adhered to in Federal court. For example, some attorneys don’t even know they have to file electronically a general notice of appearance to represent you on your case in the Federal Court. If they don’t, they won’t even get the email from the court that your got moved to another date. The next thing you know, there is a warrant out for your arrest.

Any Attorney can walk into a state court and represent you, but few attorneys have the skill set needed to adequately handle your case in the Federal Court system. Fresno Attorney Michael E. Mitchell has the determination and know how you are looking for to fight for your rights.

Within the federal court system there are over 100 offenses that you could be charged with. Federal crime charges may be charged against you in federal court if you have committed an offense on Federal Government property or committed an offense under the United States criminal code instead of the State criminal code. There are times when you could be charged at both the state at federal level. Some examples of crimes in the Federal court include but are not limited to:

White Collar Crimes Crimes Against the U.S. Drug Offenses Weapons Charges Internet Sex Crimes
Accounting Fraud Terrorism Narcotics Trafficking Felon with a Firearm Solicitation of a minor on the internet
Antitrust Violations Espionage Manufacturing Drugs Exporting/Importing Firearms Sharing child pornography across the internet
Bankruptcy Fraud Treason Rico Violations Illegal sale of firearms Downloading child pornography
Tax Fraud Sabotage Drug Sales Possession of a Firearm in a Federal Park Child exploitation
Social Security Fraud Immigration Fraud Drug Possession for Distribution Illegal possession automatic weapons Possession of visual depictions of child pornography

The above crimes are all very serious and punishable within the Federal Court System. Punishment for these crimes can have life altering consequences. You need a lawyer who is comfortable and familiar within the Federal Court system. Fresno Attorney Michael E. Mitchell has the experience and knowledge that you are looking for to defend you or your loved one in Federal Court. For your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, call Michael E. Mitchell a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney serving Fresno and the entire Central Valley at (559) 222-2424.