Bus Accident Lawyers in Fresno

Traveling via bus has long been considered a very safe mode of travel. Nevertheless, Bus buses lack common components of safety, such as seatbelts. This means that in the event of a serious accident, there is a possibility that passengers can get thrown about inside of the bus. Unfortunately, this leaves a likelihood of serious personal injuries or the potential for death. According the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS), in 2010,  there were =,854 buses involved in collisions resulting in injury.  There were also = reported 15,327 injuries involving buses. 

In California, there were =,118 bus crashes and 1,198 injuries involving buses.  The Fresno Bus Accident Attorneys at the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., handle all bus related accident claims and can help you recover the compensation you are entitled to for any and all injuries suffered in a bus related accident.

Serious Bus Injury Claims

Fresno injury lawyer, Michael E. Mitchell can help achieve maximum compensation for the following items resulting from a bus collision: (1) lost wages (2) medical expenses (3) damage to your vehicle (4) pain and suffering for injuries sustained.   We pursue accident claims for residents of Fresno resulting from serious bus collisions. coaches.jpgWe understand that you may be suffering from the pain and injuries sustained in the accident and we'll do our best to pursue your case as expeditiously as possible to get you the money you need to make up for the losses you've experienced.  Call Fresno Bus Accident attorney, Michael E. Mitchell, today for a free consultation regarding your case.  We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don't get paid unless you get paid. We only receive any form of payment once we've obtained a settlement or judgment for you!!  You don't pay anything out of pocket for your representation.  That is the nice thing about having a Fresno Accident Attorney on your side.

Cases involving Death

When someone's life is lost as a result of a bus related collision, there is no way to compensate for the loss.  There isn't any way that a family can be paid for their grief.  But, unfortunately, in our country, the only way that you can obtain justice for the loss of a loved one is through the legal system. If a person is not criminally responsible for the accident, then the only other option is monetary payment in the form of a judgment against the operator of the bus who was responsible for the accident. At the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., as a Fresno Wrongful Death Attorney, we handle claims in Fresno, California involving bus accidents where there has been a loss of life. The family of the decedent is able to recover monetarily for their loss by filing a complaint or lawsuit for wrongful death. 

We Hold them Responsible For Their Actions

This type of claim can and should be pursued by a knowledgeable Bus accident Lawyer in Fresno to hold the wrongdoer responsible for their actions. In these types of cases, the responsible party may be several different entities. It could be the company running the busline, it could be a government body, a city or county, or the maker of the bus itself or the maker of a part inside the bus. The party or parties deemed at fault may have to provide monetary compensation for the decedent's lost income over their life, as well as the costs for any funeral arrangements and medical charges that were incurred to keep the decedent alive. In addition, the negligent party may have to pay for the loss of care, comfort and society for the loss of the families relationship with the victim.

Call or email the Mitchell Law Group, Inc. to find out how we can go to work for you and your family to make sure that the person or entities responsible pays for their negligence.