Thousands of California Residents Accused of Unemployment Fraud During Current Crisis

Mar 10, 2021


Unemployment benefits skyrocketed as soon as the coronavirus made itself known. Businesses were shut down and people were laid off from jobs they had held for years. Unemployment benefits became the difference between homelessness and having a roof over your head. Many states, including California, are finding out that they gave out millions of dollars in benefits that they have now decided to revoke. Some authorities in California are saying that mass unemployment fraud has been committed.

Is it Fraud or Innocence?

But many recipients of the money are maintaining their innocence. They applied for the aid, they were approved for the aid, they received the money, and now the government wants to take it back.


The unemployment system in every state is overloaded and mistakes happen. Many people are turned down, or their benefits are suspended, for small issues or overlooked information. On the other hand, criminal behavior has been discovered as well.


California, recently uncovered, what they believe to be an organized crime ring from another country attempting to gain U.S. unemployment funds fraudulently. One independent social scientist says that they have discovered that 30% of the unemployment claims in California that have been made and approved are illegal, making the person requesting such aid criminally liable for the money.

Have You Been Accused of Fraud?

Many states are in limbo, currently, as they attempt to find illegal funds and investigate what they believe to be criminal activity. Occasionally, a person may be accused of committing a crime against the federal government regarding their unemployment coverage due to a misconception or  mistake, but occasionally, someone is intentionally committing a criminal act.


No matter your situation, you may be treated as if you committed a crime until proven innocent with unemployment fraud. If you are in search of a strong and efficient defense team to back you up and fight for your innocence, contact us at Mitchell Law Group to schedule your free initial meeting. We will discuss your case and create an aggressive plan of attack. You deserve the best defense, and we will be by your side during the entire process.

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