New California DUI Laws in the News: Interlock Devices - Pros and Cons

May 22, 2019

dui4.jpgAs of 2019, there are new laws on the books for DUI offenders. Californians charged with DUIs will be required to install an interlock device in their vehicles. What does this mean for offenders convicted of a DUI?

The Process

People convicted of a DUI will keep their driving privileges, which is great. The catch is that they'll need to install special equipment in their vehicles. The device, called an interlock device, is a breathalyzer that works with a car's engine. It will prevent the car from starting until the driver blows into it. If the driver's blood alcohol is above the legal limit, the device won't allow the car to start at all.

The Pros

There are quite a few pros to this law for people convicted of a DUI. They'll get to keep driving and keep working. The law is intended to help people with DUI convictions. The state doesn't want people's lives to be completely ruined by a DUI. If people can still drive, they can still work and be productive members of society.

The Cons

According to Draeger, a company that manufactures interlock devices, the device can be thrown off by food and drink. If a driver rinses with a strong mouthwash before getting into the car, the interlock may pick up on the alcohol in the mouthwash and prevent the car from starting. It also may require rolling checks and arrival checks. A rolling check means a driver will have to pull over and blow into the device while on the road to keep the engine running. An arrival check means drivers have to blow into the device when they arrive at their destination. In addition, the devices aren't free and will be subjected to a monthly charge. In addition, if the device malfunctions you, possibly, could be accused of tampering with the device and have your license suspended.

The new law allowing DUI offenders to keep their driving privileges will change lives. However, the new law doesn't mean there's nothing to fear from a DUI conviction. Driving privileges may be obtained with the interlock installation, but other punishments might be severe, including probation or jail time. A DUI conviction could still make it hard to get a job, and will certainly affect an offender's future. A good lawyer can keep punishment to a minimum, or get a person out of the charge completely. Mitchell Law Group has experience with defending against DUI charges. Contact us for help handling DUI offenses.

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