Arrested for DUI? Your Drunk Driving Lawyer Can Save Your Life

Mar 06, 2019

dui4.jpgA drunk driving arrest can cause emotional, psychological, and financial pain. Apart from DUI penalties, it can be a huge loss of your time, i.e. your life.  Your life is comprised of how much time you have on this earth. Your human capital is one of your most precious resources.  

You might be able to earn more money, but you can’t earn more time.  Attending court proceedings, for instance, can chew up days in your calendar and lead to a loss of significant time and money.  Many times, your case may not be “called” by the court, or heard, until the end of the day close to 5pm.  

You Can Lose Days or Weeks of Your Life

In addition, unless you have an attorney who can attend these hearings for you, you may have to spend the entire day waiting.  Court usually starts at 8:00 or 8:30 a.m., depending on the court.  You also have travel to and from the court and parking, meaning you’ll most likely need to leave the house an hour early to make it on time.  

That’s fine if your case is concluded in a single day.  But if there are defenses and legal grounds to challenge your DUI case, you may have to spend days or even week(s) going to court.  

Here is how a DUI defense lawyer can fight for your rights.

Bottom Line

The smartest way to deal with a DUI arrest is to engage a reputable law firm.  Much like hiring a reputable accountant to handle your taxes, a knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney is going to look for the loopholes and exceptions that could lead to a dismissal or reductions in charges, sentence, probation, fees, jail, community service, etc. Representing yourself can be difficult, and it could lead to an unjustified sentence. In addition, one of the disadvantages of using a public defender (if you financially qualify for one), is they often don’t have the time to get involved in your case.  They are often, not always, but often, overworked with huge caseloads.  Figuring out the details unique to your case and gaining insight into the facts of your case may be difficult, if not impossible, if the attorney does not have enough time to do it.  

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