Types of Drug Crimes

Jan 23, 2019

drug1.jpgDrug crimes come in all types. While most people think about possession and selling drugs, the truth is that there are many different categories, each with their own form of punishment.

Here are some different types of drug crimes that you may be arrested for.


Just being caught with drug paraphernalia can have serious consequences. This includes many different paraphernalia including pipes and syringes.


Though your charges will depend on the amount and type of drug that you are found with, possession is a serious offense, especially if they charge you with possession with the intent to distribute.


If you are charged for drug manufacturing, it means that you are involved with making any illegal substance. They don't even need to find out where you are manufacturing it, as long as you have enough products on you.

Drug Dealing/Trafficking.

Selling, transporting, and importing drugs can be considered drug dealing and trafficking. Even if you are not selling drugs, if you have enough in your possession or you have "indicia" of drug selling you could be charged with drug dealing or trafficking.  Indicia of drug selling are factors that indicated that you are in business of selling drugs. Those factors could include having plastic baggies, text messages relating to selling drugs, a large quantity of money, scales, or a list of people to whom you are selling the drugs.   

In addition, drug dealing and trafficking charges may involve federal charges depending upon size and scope of the drug selling operation or in a large conspiracy, i.e. agreement among several participants.   Moreover, gang involvement along with drug dealing may also trigger federal charges. Federal charges, usually, come with much greater sentencing schemes possibly exposing a defendant to many years behind bars. 

Drug offenses are serious criminal accusations that should only be handled by a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. No matter what type of drug crime you were convicted of, you need to hire an experienced lawyer. The Mitchell Law Group, Inc. provides top notch legal defense representation to citizens of Fresno, California and California’s Central Valley, who have been accused of a drug related crime. Contact us for all of your legal needs. We would be glad to help you through this difficult time. 

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