Legal Issues and Choosing the Right Lawyer

Jul 05, 2018


When you have a legal problem, and you need to choose a lawyer, you might be nervous and distressed. You need a legal professional to explain all the details, guide you and explain possible solutions. The choice is difficult, but do not be overwhelmed. You will be able to choose the right lawyer if you know what things are important to look for.

Criteria and tips for choosing a lawyer:

1. The recommendations or references of clients

We have analyzed the reasons why clients often choose a lawyer. Most agree that their new clients are usually friends, relatives or acquaintances of other clients. We must take into account if the person who has recommended you is trustworthy, and if the matter is of the same subject as yours, in that case, you are on the right track.

The references on the internet, its web and directories of lawyers, are very important. There, you will be able to study different offers and you will help yourself from the experiences of other clients.

2. The specialty of the lawyer

It is preferable to choose a lawyer who is known by the specialty you need. For example: If you had been fired, you would need a labor law lawyer or if you have problems with neighbors, bank, or tenants, a civil lawyer. The same is true when you have a criminal or DUI matter, you should be looking for an experienced criminal or DUI attorney.

3. The Feel Good Lawyer

When choosing a lawyer, you may be tempted to hire a lawyer based upon how "good" that lawyer makes you feel. While you want a lawyer who makes you feel that your defense or representation is solid and secure, you should not hire an attorney based upon how "good" they make you feel. Be wary of an attorney who only tells you what you want to here or agrees with anything you say. Many lawyers will tell potential clients only what they want to hear, because they know that increases their chances of being hired. However, ideally, you want an attorney who is a straight shooter and not just feeding you a line. When you call or go to an appointment, check to see if the attorney is attentive and listening to you. See if they seem sincere in their desire to help you and see if they are knowledgeable about what they are saying; regardless, of whether it makes you feel good or not. Knowing the truth is more important than deceiving yourself.

4. Location of the Attorney

While it is not essential that the lawyer be located in your geographic area, it is important that the attorney or attorney(s) are located close to where your criminal or DUI case is going to be heard. All too often, out of town lawyers, attempt to handle cases that are well outside a reasonable geographic distance. This may result in the attorney being out of touch with the case, the opposing counsel, and the courts. It may also result in lengthy delays and a substandard quality of representation. Ideally, you want to pick an attorney who is within an hour or an hour and a half of where the case is being heard and someone who practices in that court on a regular basis.

5. The price should be proportional to the service

We've all heard the saying, "you get what you pay for." There's a reason this saying has been around for generations. Because its often true. For instance, none of my favorite restaurants in town are free. While the government might provide you a free lawyer, if you qualify, you may not receive the service and attention that you want. In general, but not always, the cost of a lawyer's service is directly proportional to the quality, attention and time devoted to the matter.

In conclusion, these are some of the important aspects you should consider when choosing a Criminal or DUI defense attorney.

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