Tips for Appearing in Court for Your Criminal Case

Oct 18, 2017


If you are heading to court soon for criminal charges, there are a few things you should prepare in advance. While you might have your case in order and working with an attorney on strategy, it is important to put a little thought into your appearance and actions in court. Here are three tips for personal appearance and attitude during your upcoming day in criminal court.
1. Showing up to Court
If your required to be present  sometimes you aren’t required to be present on certain misdemeanor charges, It isn’t just enough to show up to court the day of your appointment. Be on time, which really means get to court early so you can park, find your way, and touch base with your criminal attorney ahead of time. Leave your phone in the car if you might be tempted to text or look at this out of nerves when in the courtroom. Show the judge you are serious by not bringing along kids or a significant other that might distract you or others in the courtroom.
2. Dress to Impress
Regardless of what your charges are for, if you are headed to criminal court, this isn’t a good time to live up to any stereotypes. Aim to dress in a business-casual style, and keep your attire modest. If you aren’t quite sure what direction to go in with your outfit, check in with your attorney for tips.
3. Practice Make Perfect
If you can do a practice run on how your court appearance might go can help with your nerves and hopefully come off well to the judge and others in the courtroom. Address the judge as ‘your honor’ when you are asked to speak, but let your attorney do most of the talking since they are much more well versed on courtroom procedures and conveying your case.
Preparing for your criminal case will involve reviewing your charges with your attorney, but a big part of this will be making sure you are ready for your actual time in court as well. Give some thought to your actions and appearance so you can come off in the best light. While your charges might not hinge on this, it doesn’t hurt to look the part and stay professional during your ruling. If you need assistance with your criminal case, contact us right away to get started reviewing your case.


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Michael Mitchell


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