Key Questions for Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sep 06, 2017

You need to know what to expect when charged with a criminal act. There are general and specific issues you need to address to your defense attorney. Ask for details of how your case might/will proceed. Here are five important questions you should always pose.
1. What are the penalties associated with the charge I am facing? You need to understand what can happen if your case ends in a conviction. Many times, this knowledge will help you and your lawyer decide whether to attempt a plea bargain or go to trial.
2. What type of plea bargain is most likely for my case? Your attorney can advise you as what lesser charge you might be able to plea guilty to and what are the associated penalties. You will want to know if you face prison time, fines and/or other consequences.
3. How long do cases of my type generally take to resolve? You will want to know what to expect in terms of a timeline. An experienced attorney can often counsel you in how best to employ yourself during this period.
4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case? Understanding the pros and cons of your case is essential in helping your attorney defend you. Always disclose all the information you have in regard to the crime of which you are accused.
5. What arguments will you make if you represent me in court? An understanding of your defense makes you more confident and better able to cope with the difficult situation of facing criminal charges.
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Michael Mitchell


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