What can a Criminal Attorney do for you?

Aug 02, 2017

If you find yourself charged with a crime your first impulse might be to worry and react haphazardly. You might not be ready to deal with the complex paperwork, procedures, and rules and failing to do so can cost you money or time in prison. In this situation, a criminal attorney can mount a defense and zealously advocate for you. But if you are tempted to represent yourself in court consider the things following an attorney can to the table.
Strategically use discovery
Discovery is a legal tool that lets attorneys gather evidence that may help to exonerate their clients or that allows them to throughout the evidence altogether. Discovery tools like subpoenas and defense discovery requests can be used to collect things like written statements, surveillance video, and relevant police reports. 
Negotiate effectively with prosecutors
Plea bargains often resolve criminal cases. A plea bargain means the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a reduced charge to receive a lighter sentence. Should a plea bargain be possible in your case, your defense lawyer will understand what it takes to handle the local prosecutors, when you should take the deal, and when you should hold out for a better offer.
Use their knowledge of local courts
Lawyers know that each jurisdiction (and courtroom) comes with its own rules, its own culture, and of course its own judges. Your criminal attorney will know the local courts and bring an invaluable understanding of the local court system and what actions it takes to reach an advantageous resolution in that system.
Help to expedite or delay your trial
You may need to speed up or slow down your trial to gather evidence or get your affairs in order depending on the nature of your case. Your criminal defense attorney will know the pace at which your case will proceed and how to institute a timeline that will help you.
Get a past conviction expunged
Should you be convicted of a crime, or have plead guilty to a lesser charge, your criminal attorney can clean your record through a procedure called expungement. Though this option is not available in every case, a criminal attorney can help you with expunging your records no matter the seriousness of the crime. Lawyers often provide low cost or free consultations before you hire them so you can ask about things like expungement. 
If you need a criminal attorney contact us today and let us know how we can help get your life back to normal.

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