A Drunk Driving Charge Doesn't Mean Your Guilty of a DUI

Jul 26, 2017

Often if you are caught driving under the influence, you think you are done with before you even get into a court room. While the more drunk driving charges you have on the record, the worse your case will be in court, you should never give up and just plead guilty.
This is particularly true if it is your first offense where you have a more likely chance of proving the case false. This is why once you are facing a DUI charge, one of the first things you should do is contact a skilled attorney. With a great lawyer at your side, they can help you build your case and examine each detail with full knowledge of the law in order to form your defense.
Most recently, one of the most effective defenses against a DUI is to challenge the accuracy of specific breath-alcohol test results. While some forms of the test of indisputable, depending on what method the police officer used, a good lawyer may be able to have those results thrown out. In effect, without the results of a breath analysis test, there is very little to prove you were driving while drunk, which leave only one result for the case unless other evidence comes up.
However, even if the breath-alcohol test cannot be disputed, that still doesn’t mean it is an automatic guilty verdict. The very fickle thing about the law is that it has a very strict set of rules and procedures, and many things can go wrong due to human error. One wrong word or missed step by the police officer could be that your case becomes void. This is why the most important thing when fighting a DUI is not to give up.
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Michael Mitchell


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