Investigators at Your Door - 2017 Criminal Defense Tips

Apr 26, 2017

If you've witnessed a crime, know a crime victim or perpetrator, or investigators are at your door because you may be a material witness to a crime in the San Joaquin Valley, you need legal representation. In this emotional upsetting time, you know both of the individuals, but nothing of their argument or dispute? Even the police chief has come to your door. No one should face criminal charges alone. Our criminal defense attorney will give you, a witness or a defendant, his undivided attention from your initial consultation, through investigative procedures, the preliminary or indictment hearings, and during the final court appearance.   


The United States Department of Justice recommends that witnesses always tell the truth without omitting any facts, and that witnesses should not discuss their testimony with others. You may have seen or heard a detail while a crime occurred, or perhaps you know a detail which contradicts other testimony. It's not always obvious why you're chosen to testify. Our criminal defense lawyer represents witnesses as well as defendants on most criminal charges.


Felony Cases

Though threatening a witness is a federal crime, your safety as a witness is not guaranteed. Our law firm strives for the best possible outcome in felony cases. If you must testify as a witness against a violent criminal, our criminal defense attorney will strive to reduce your distress. California law demands stricter sentences on second offenses, and penalties and sentences are doubled on recidivist's third offenses.


Witness Responsibility

You have the right to an attorney. If you speak to investigators and police, ask for their names and identification. You may receive a nominal witness fee for each day you're in court or in preliminary hearings. Maybe, you'll be reimbursed for travel, but no one will pay your lost wages.       


Contact us at MitchellLaw Group, Inc. if you're questioned about a crime. Our law firm can simplify the process and help you if you're asked to witness material facts in a criminal case. Your initial consultation is free.

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