A Fresno Criminal Lawyer Offers Advice on Responding to Federal Criminal Charges

Mar 22, 2017

What would a Criminal Lawyer advise an individual facing federal criminal charges? Anyone facing federal firearms, tax evasion, fraud, or other felony charges needs legal counsel from someone who has experience handling federal criminal cases. Those cases differ from state criminal cases in several meaningful ways. 

The federal government may contact you in two ways. You may be informed of a federal indictment coming from the U.S. Attorney's office. Often, individuals under investigation receive "target letters" informing them of a federal criminal investigation. In no case should you respond on your own. Anything you write in response can be used against you.

Federal laws and procedures differ greatly from California laws and procedures in some ways. Knowing how the California criminal courts work will not necessarily help you to navigate through a federal criminal case. The cases present legal landmines at all states, from initial contact through the closing arguments of a trial. Discovery, collection and review, motions, trial proceedings, and sentencing all call for guidance from an experienced attorney.

If your case involves an appearance in court or in a meeting with law enforcement, you will definitely want to be prepared by a legal expert. The way the federal prosecutor uses evidence, like DNA and wiretap evidence, will be somewhat different because of federal laws that apply. You may also find other differences in how the federal trial proceeds. This is why you need an experienced federal trial attorney on your side throughout the trial phase and sentencing phases of your case.

If the federal government charges you with a crime, you must contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you need expert legal counsel, contact us to schedule a meeting.

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Michael Mitchell


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