Fresno Criminal Attorney for Commercial Drivers, Juveniles, and Criminal Defense

Mar 15, 2017

A criminal defense attorney can help if you or your child suddenly needs a strong criminal defense attorney. Our law firm defends commercial drivers against serious traffic offenses. Our criminal defense attorney helps teenagers with criminal charges in state and federal court. You will receive our undivided attention from your initial hearing through all matters criminal and administrative.

Defense Attorney 
You do not have to face criminal charges alone. Our criminal defense lawyer can represent you and assist you if you have been arrested for:

  •  DUI
  •  Domestic violence
  •  Sex offense
  •  Drug charge

Our criminal law attorney is a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association and has been qualified as a field sobriety instructor and practitioner. You lose your job if you lose your freedom. Your driving privileges can eventually be reinstated, but your your life may be forever altered. 

Felony Charges  
Our goal is the best possible outcome in your case if you are charged with a violent or gang related crime such as prostitution or murder. Our attorney will strive to get your sentence reduced.

Three Strikes Law
California law allows you three strikes. If this is your second felony charge, your sentence and penalty will be significantly greater than your sentence for your first offense. For example, a burglary charge will get you six years in prison instead of three if you have a prior fraud or drug-related charge.

Contact us at Mitchell Law Group, Inc. for help with traffic citations, criminal charges, or any of one of 100 Federal criminal charges. Our law firm can expunge unsubstantiated or dropped criminal charges.

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Michael Mitchell


Michael Mitchell is a Fresno attorney who practices in the areas of DUI, personal injury & criminal law. Visit his Google+ profile.