Fresno Drunk Driving Defense: Tips Before You Go Out For The Night

Jun 08, 2016

Many people enjoy having a night of fun with their friends, and some people's night of fun consist of entertainment and alcohol. Although having fun and having friends is great, this can sometimes mean that at least one person in the group can make the mistake of driving home while being intoxicated. 
Even though someone may feel he or she is in a position to drive because the blood alcohol concentration level is below the legal limit, the officer who stops you may still make the decision to place you under arrest.
We want to help you avoid putting yourself or one of your friends in a position to be arrested for a DUI.
Call Someone
If everyone in the group has been drinking, no one should drive home. There are plenty car services that are one click or one call away. If everyone rides home together with a driver who has not been drinking, you will ensure everyone will arrive at their destinations safely.
That One Friend
You probably have that one friend who never drinks, right? If you have that friend and he or she is willing to go out with you and drive you home, you should take that friend with you. Even if that friend does not go with you, you can ask him or her to keep the phone nearby so you can call when you are ready to leave the party, the bar, or the club.
Walk Home 
If your in a safe well lit area, it is better to walk home than risk driving under the influence and getting charged with a DUI.  But, of course, make sure that your surroundings are safe and, preferably, have someone with you, especially if it is late in the evening. 
You can make some of the best plans before you head out for the night, but sometimes those plans do not always happen the way you hoped. If you are ever pulled over for a DUI, you will need a drunk driving defense.
We are able to provide you with the legal counsel you need in a time like this. Contact us today for a consultation.

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