Accused of Domestic Violence? Protect Yourself Before Court

Oct 07, 2015

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you are probably worried about what is going to happen in court. Taking a few steps before your court date can help you protect yourself, so keep these important tips in mind.

1. Hire a Domestic Lawyer
First of all, you should never try to handle a domestic violence case on your own. It can be tough to defend yourself in court. Plus, a good domestic violence lawyer can help you choose the right way to deal with your case, such as potentially taking a plea deal.

2. Stay Away from the Victim
While dealing with one of these cases, it is best to stay away from the victim. It's not uncommon for a big argument or a huge misunderstanding to happen and for the people who are involved to "make up." However, your lawyer might recommend that you stay away from the victim until the case has been cleared up. This is especially important if there is a restraining order in place.

3. Gather Evidence to Help Yourself
Gather as much evidence as possible to defend yourself in court. If you have taken anger management courses or domestic violence classes, bring in proof. If you have witnesses on your side or proof that you weren't violent, it is imperative to gather these people and things before your court date.

Going to court for a domestic violence case can be very scary. If you contact us at Mitchell Law Group, we can provide you with the representation that you need through this difficult time.

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Michael Mitchell


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