Criminal Defense Tips: Is Social Media Helping You Land Yourself In Trouble?

Sep 02, 2015

Some people have integrated social media into their everyday lives. They are updating their Facebook status every few minutes, tweeting, Instagramming, and now they are using Snapchat.

However, many people have a tendency to overshare information online. Many times people share information they would have never shared when they were speaking to someone directly.

We want to give you a few criminal defense tips that you should always remember when you are thinking about posting information on social media that could eventually be used as evidence in court.

There are so many people who are unaware how many law enforcement agencies use social media to investigate crimes. It is highly important that you are aware that law enforcement agencies do use social media to collect information on suspects; this is how they create their case.

What type of social media content can officials use against you in court?

  • The photos you post 
  • Your profile information
  • The friends you are associated with on social media
  • The posts are photos you have been tagged in, or the photos you have tagged someone else in
  • Your videos
  • Your location that is posted when you create a status or upload a photo
  • Your likes and follows
  • The groups you are part of on social media
  • The times you logged in and out of your page
  • The messages you post

When you willingly leave information out for the world to see, you should not expect any privacy. It does not matter if your social media settings, especially Facebook, are only viewable to your friends. A law enforcement official can still gain access to your information through one of them. There can also be a fake profile used by a law enforcement official, and he/she will be able to access your social media page.

We all enjoy using social media, but we have to use it wisely. Even if we delete something from social media, it is never really gone. When posting things online, you should remember that you are basically sharing it with the world because of how quickly things are shared and liked.

Do not post things that will help someone else build a case against you; contact us today if you need assistance or a consultation.

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Michael Mitchell


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