Fresno Drunk Driving Attorney Discusses DUI Charges Following Alleged Street Racing

Jul 29, 2015

An alleged street racing incident early in the morning on Sunday, July 12, resulted in a loss of life. The two-vehicle wreck happened at about 6 a.m., according to ABC 30 News.

Collision at Intersection
Los Banos police say that a 20-year-old male motorist from Clovis allegedly ran a stop sign on Santa Rita Avenue, near D Street. The vehicle he was driving then struck a car in the intersection. The impact ejected a 60-year-old male passenger from the vehicle. He did not survive his injuries.  The driver of the car struck in the intersection suffered unspecified minor injuries. There was no immediate update regarding the driver's condition.

Motorist Taken Into Custody
Authorities took the 20-year-old driver into custody following the crash. Officers then transported him to Merced County Jail. He now faces several charges, including vehicular manslaughter and DUI. The accused is held in the county jail in lieu of $400,000 bail. Law enforcement also notified officials with Alcohol Beverage Control about the accident.

Although the investigation into this particular accident is ongoing, an alleged DUI motorist faces an array of potential penalties if convicted, including, but not limited to, fines, probation, prison time and license revocation. A variety of consequences may significantly impact one's work.

If you or a family member faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is needed to review the matter with a drunk driving attorney focused on relevant areas of California state law. To learn more about our criminal defense and DUI services, please contact us.

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