Fresno White-Collar Crime Attorney Will Defend You Against Identity Theft Charges

May 27, 2015

Identity theft is a common crime. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that in 2012, roughly 16.6 million people were identity theft victims. The crime can take on a variety of forms. A more extreme example made the news recently in California, with a woman who had allegedly stolen the identities of multiple people and had operated under 74 aliases.

As terrible as it is to become a victim of identity theft, those accused of the crime still deserve strong legal representation. If accused, it's possible that you're innocent or that the charges brought against you are unwarranted in other ways.

The following are a few types of defenses to consider when it comes to identity theft:

  • You didn't make use of another individual's identity in an unlawful way.  For example, you didn't enjoy illegal financial benefits from it or cause another individual any sort of harm (such as by maxing out their credit card on false pretenses).
  • There was some kind of misunderstanding. For example, you might have been operating under the assumption that you had permission to act on another person's behalf.
  • Someone is framing you. It's possible, for example, for someone to use your computer to carry out illegal activities. This could make you look guilty even when you're not.

A reputable white-collar crime attorney can help you come up with a powerful legal defense if you're accused of identity theft. Identity theft cases might wind up being highly complex, with a lot of paperwork requiring careful study and analysis. Contact us for dedicated legal representation.

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Michael Mitchell


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