Fresno Criminal Lawyer Will Safeguard Your Rights

May 20, 2015

One of the reasons you need an experienced criminal lawyer is to help you safeguard your rights. No matter what crime the police or prosecutors suspect you've committed, they aren't allowed to encroach on your rights as laid out in the Constitution and local law.

Sometimes, in the midst of pursuing criminals or bringing some other kind of legal action against them, law enforcement officials can get carried away or overstep their bounds.

A recent example occurred in California with the alleged beating of an identity theft suspect. As reported in the news, the suspect had apparently already gotten Tasered and had surrendered when ten deputies proceeded to punch and kick him. The beating was captured on film.

Although fleeing from law-enforcement officials generally isn't a good idea, the police are still required to behave lawfully towards the suspect and, when possible, act in a non-violent manner, particularly when the suspect is unarmed or has surrendered.

Law enforcement officials sometimes overstep their bounds in other ways, including the following:

  • Pressing excessive, unwarranted charges.
  • Collecting evidence in a slipshod manner or otherwise contaminating a crime scene.
  • Obtaining evidence without a proper warrant, when the situation calls for one.
  • Pressuring suspects or witnesses to produce a certain kind of testimony.
  • Neglecting to explain Constitutional rights to a suspect.
  • Ignoring a suspect's request for an attorney.

When you work with a reputable criminal lawyer, your lawyer will carefully review your case and check that law enforcement officials have respected your rights. Anyone arrested or charged with a crime deserves fair treatment by law enforcement and the courts. Don't hesitate to contact us for dedicated and powerful legal assistance.

Michael Mitchell


Michael Mitchell is a Fresno attorney who practices in the areas of DUI, personal injury & criminal law. Visit his Google+ profile.