Fresno Domestic Violence And Alcohol: Is There A Connection?

Apr 15, 2015

There are several cases of domestic violence that occur because one of the parties was under the influence of a mood altering substance, either drugs or alcohol. In several cases, when someone depends on drugs or alcohol it can be the cause of problems on a consistent basis.

However, in other cases, false implications are made that someone was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they have allegedly committed a domestic violence offense. When there are allegations of alcohol or drugs being involved, it only adds fuel to the fire and can significantly help the prosecutions case. 

When there is evidence that someone has violated a domestic violence law, then the prosecutor may want to integrate a sentence or a treatment program.

Abusing alcohol or drugs may also add complexity where', either both parties or one of the parties, will not remember what happened during the incident. It is possible for someone to go to trial for a domestic violence offense. When 911 is called by a person who is under the influence of a substance, it can lead to an avalanche of questionable statements. 

If you or someone you care about has received charges for a domestic violence offense, you need to have the services of a domestic violence lawyer. You need a lawyer who has experience in domestic violence so you can have the best defense for your case.

If you have been arrested recently for domestic violence and you need our assistance, contact us today.

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Michael Mitchell


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