Fresno Domestic Violence Lawyer: Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Nov 21, 2014

A domestic violence phone call can be made for a wide range of reasons. There are many times when the domestic violence phone call was justified. Unfortunately, there are also times when the phone call was made out of anger or as a way to get back at the other party. Once law enforcement are at the home, a criminal complaint will be filed by the police officer.

It is highly likely that someone will be taken by the policy and placed into custody. The police's job is not to try to fix the issue and offer a few minutes of relationship counseling. So, the result will be charges being filed because someone called the police. Many times, people do not even realize what the officer is coming for when they arrive at the home. Not everyone understands the role police officers have when it comes to domestic violence phone calls. 

Typically, the person who is the alleged victim will call the police, sometimes this is done for a vindictive purpose. Sometimes the true aggressor is the one who makes the phone call in order to receive some sort of leverage against the accused aggressor. Typically, one party does not even get to tell his or her side because the other person is the one who made the phone call.

Several of these cases can be difficult because if a person creates a lie and tells it to the police, then he or she will likely create a lie to tell in court. Domestic violence cases call for serious and effective efforts in order to bring justice to the person who has been wrongfully and falsely accused of domestic violence.

If you were involved in a domestic violence dispute and you need to speak with a domestic violence lawyer about your case, act quickly and contact us. If you wait too long, you can miss out on several opportunities that can help your case.

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