7 Criminal Defense Tips To Keep In Mind If The Police Think You Have Committed A Crime

Oct 03, 2014

Whenever law officials suspect that you have committed a crime, you will have to protect all of your constitutional rights. It does not matter if you are actually guilty or as innocent as they come, the DA and the police will want to convict you. Sometimes the prosecution will do whatever they feel is necessary to convince themselves that a person is guilty. Everything that some law officials and prosecutors do can be because of their human nature, but in their minds you will be looked at as guilty. 

You can go to jail for a crime you never committed or you can be sentenced for something that is more serious than what you may have done. You will need to protect yourself. One of the smartest things you can do for protection is to seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. If it is possible, you should consult with your attorney before you even speak with police.

Here are some criminal defense tips for those who have been named a suspect in a crime:

  1. Do not offer any kind of information because a police officer and other law enforcement officials want you to speak with them. That's one of their jobs; getting someone to give them any kind of information. If you are being questioned, you may feel a large amount of pressure to give them what they want. 
  2. Let the police know that you will want to speak with an attorney.
  3. Exercise the right you have to remain silent. 
  4. Inform the police that you want to make a telephone call.
  5. If the police want to search you, do not give them permission unless they have a search warrant to do so. 
  6. If the police have not given you your Miranda rights and you have given a statement, a defense attorney can file a motion to suppress the statement. 
  7. Do not lie.

Have you or someone you know been suspected of committing a crime? Are you in need of criminal defense? If so, contact us so you can get a favorable outcome. 

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