Fresno DUI attorney cautions you about fleeing from police on the road

Aug 15, 2014

When a police car follows you on the road, and the officer signals for you to pull over, in some situations you might panic. You may think it's a better idea to hit the gas pedal and get out of there, in the hopes that you'll get away before you get any criminal charges pinned on you; this kind of thinking can take hold of you if you're afraid and/or if your judgment is impaired because you're intoxicated.

However, usually you won't be able to escape. The police will pursue you. And then, in addition to any other crimes they think you've committed, you may be charged with "evading an officer"; this charge may be further affected by aggravating factors, such as whether you were driving in a reckless way, willfully disregarding other people's safety. You could also get hit with additional charges if you kill or seriously injure anyone when attempting to evade an officer in your vehicle.

What should you do if you face these charges?

Regardless of what decisions you make on the road, you need strong legal representation to ensure fair treatment in the criminal justice system and the best possible outcome for you.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes people get charged with these crimes even when they aren't perpetrators. For example, you may have driven away from a police car because you didn't actually realize that the police were trying to stop you. It's possible that you didn't even identify them as police officers; maybe they weren't in uniform or in a police cruiser, or maybe you were too intoxicated to tell. Another possibility is that you recognized them as the police, but you wanted to drive ahead a little and stop in a place that was safer and more well-lit.

Whatever the case may be, prosecutors have to prove a number of things, including that you intended to commit the crime. Even if you were driving while intoxicated at the time, you still deserve to be treated fairly in the legal system and not face extraneous charges. When you contact a reputable DUI attorney, you'll receive the assistance of legal advocates who will question every bit of evidence used against you.

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Michael Mitchell


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