Busted During a Summer Saturation Patrol? A Fresno DUI Attorney Can Help You

Jul 07, 2014

With the summer upon us, police forces across California are increasing their patrols to catch traffic violators and drunk drivers. Increased patrol equals increased tickets and revenue for California police departments. 

On Friday, May 30th, a DUI saturation patrol in San Bernardino, California netted them four arrests, thirteen vehicles impounded and the recovery of one stolen vehicle. 

Three of the arrests were for driving under the influence of alcohol and one for driving under the influence of drugs. In addition, they issued 33 traffic violation citations, 5 citations of operating vehicles with suspended or revoked licenses and 10 citations to unlicensed drivers.

All of these citations and arrest occurred from 6 p.m. that Friday night until 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. 

DUI saturation patrols like the one in San Bernardino are happening across California, due in part to additional grant funding from organizations such as the California Office of Traffic Safety.  

If you find yourself facing a driving under the influence citations due to a DUI saturation patrol, it is important that you immediately contact a Fresno DUI attorney.

A DUI citation is not a DUI conviction. A Fresno DUI attorney can examine your case and help build your defense. Even when conducting saturation patrols, law enforcement officers are required to follow certain protocols to ensure that they conduce a proper DUI investigation and arrest. If they do not follow any of the protocols you have grounds for fighting your DUI ticket to be dismissed. 

Before administering a blood or breath test for alcohol, law enforcement officers must follow all the regulations laid out in California's Code of Regulations Title 17. These regulations apply to the follow steps:

  • 15 minute observation period an officer has to follow before administering a breath test. 
  • The actual administration of the test must be performed in a specific order and follow specific protocol. 
  • All instruments used must be properly maintained and regular records of their maintenance must be kept. 
  • The collection, handling and storage of the tests also has to follow a specific protocol. 

If all the correct protocols are not followed per California's Code of Regulations Title 17, your defense attorney will have grounds to argue that your case be dismissed. 

Please contact us to work on your defense. The Mitchell Law Group is more than qualified to handle your DUI defense. Michael E. Mitchell is a member of the National College of DUI Defense and the California DUI Lawyers Association, making him an extremely qualified DUI defense lawyer. 

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