Call on a Fresno Criminal Attorney to Help You Deal with Changes in California's Prison Policies

Apr 15, 2014

For years now, the state of the California prison system has been hotly debated by legislators and various advocacy groups.  The prisons are overcrowded, the conditions often posing serious dangers to inmates' health and safety.

As reported in SFGate, a recent federal court order extended the deadline by which California needs to reduce its prison population to make the prison system slightly less crowded (the new deadline is in February 2016).

Officials are still working on different strategies for easing some of the overcrowding. These include transferring some prisoners to county jails or privately run facilities where there's available space.  Other changes include cutting back on the overall number of inmates.  How might these decisions affect you or your loved ones?

Nonviolent offenders, even some who may serving time for a "second strike" offense, could be eligible for more credits for good behavior; these can shorten the amount of time spent behind bars.  Some inmates may be eligible for a speedier parole process, especially if they're older or have medical problems.  Furthermore, people who are newly convicted of a crime may be less likely to face a prison sentence if the crime was relatively minor or nonviolent; they may instead be directed to rehabilitation programs, given probation, or fined.

Having an experienced Fresno criminal attorney advocate for you is essential.  Strong legal representation increases your chances of getting the best outcome possible, whether you're facing a new criminal trial or you're already incarcerated but are eligible for changes to your prison sentencing.  An attorney will give you advice on what to do and help fight for your fair treatment. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your case.

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