Fresno Drunk Driving Defense

Dec 13, 2013

Being stopped and arrested for drunk driving can be a frightening experience that comes with very serious legal ramifications. And with more and more checkpoints being set up around Fresno, sometimes resulting in multiple arrests, having a Fresno drunk driving defense attorney at your disposal can mean the difference between jail time and a fine.

While representing yourself in a case is legal, it is not advised. Having a skilled lawyer on your side when defending yourself in a drunk driving case is integral to the success of your case. Here's why.

In a case relating to DUI or DWI, the prosecution will be trying to prove two things, 1) the person being charged with the crime was driving the vehicle, and 2) that the person was "under the influence" of alcohol. The prosecution needs these two articles to successfully charge you with the crime.

This is why having a highly-trained and skilled attorney who has garnered many successful DUI defense cases is vital to your defense. Because it is completely possible to provide defense for the defendant and prove one, or both of these elements wrong. Further, having a lawyer who understands the burden of proof and has experienced situations such as this will make it easier to stop the defense from introducing potentially damning evidence.

In addition, an attorney can:

  • Debate the reason for why you stopped;
  • Provide legal reasons for no probable cause for arrest;
  • Give evidence that you were not Mirandized correctly.
  • Further, if the case hinges on your word versus the arresting officer, a Fresno attorney can:
  • Introduce witness testimony that helps your case;
  • Provide you defense for tests that verify your BAC (blood, urine, etc.)

In order to mount a successful defense in a DUI or DWI related case, the expertise of an attorney is almost required. A person with no experience would have little to no success defending themselves in a case that involved these types of defense.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a DUI and you live in the Central Valley, don't hesitate to contact us for aggressive legal defense.

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Michael Mitchell


Michael Mitchell is a Fresno attorney who practices in the areas of DUI, personal injury & criminal law. Visit his Google+ profile.