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Hardly anything is scarier than the prospect of being charged with a crime.  Not knowing what the future holds and falling victim to the criminal justice system is not an option.  At the Mitchell Law Group, Inc., we provide our clients expert guidance and defense against State and Federal Criminal charges.  Headed by veteran Fresno Criminal Lawyer, Michael E. Mitchell, we have the knowledge it takes to put the government on the defense.  We work with skilled investigators and experts and are in the Fresno and Central Valley Court system on a daily basis.  We have represented clients on State and Federal Criminal Charges.  We handle serious felonies such as Homicide, Gang offenses, Drug Charges and Sex Crimes as well as misdemeanor charges such as Driving under the Influence and other traffic offenses.  In addition, we have years of experience handling complicated white collar offenses, such as exporting violations, real estate fraud and other financial crimes.

Honest and Compassionate Attorney

336257b920ece56997e7022ab445a0bc_f48.JPGWe know that your personal and professional life can be at stake and we don’t take our job lightly.  Understanding the importance of the emotional and psychological toll that a criminal charge can cause in one’s life is paramount to being an effective Defense Attorney.  Our staff is comprised of caring and compassionate individuals that want to make sure you receive the best defense possible.  If you’ve been cited, arrested or questioned by the police, it is essential that you contact a knowledgeable Fresno Criminal Attorney to provide you with the answers and the representation you need.  In this case, what you or your attorney doesn't know can definitely hurt you.  A consultation with an experienced criminal attorney can mean the difference when it comes to jail or prison time.


Experienced Legal Representation Counts

Mr. Mitchell is not a former prosecutor who is “now on your side.”  He’s always been on your side.  From the moment he stepped foot in the court room, Mr. Mitchell has focused on criminal defense.  Today, the Mitchell Law Group devotes its time and attention working to preserving your rights and standing up for those who otherwise would be at the mercy of government tyranny. 

It is Mr. Mitchell’s heartfelt belief that the criminal defense attorney is the last line of defense when it comes to protecting the constitution. That is why he takes his job so seriously.  it’s about making sure the government is held accountable and in check.

Michael E. Mitchell is one of Fresno’s top criminal defense attorneys with an impeccable record for providing vigorous and dedicated representation for his clients.  He has handled high profile murder cases that have been featured in both the local and national news.  He has committed his entire legal career, as a criminal defense lawyer, to providing the best possible criminal defense representation to clients not only in Fresno but throughout the Central Valley. His career started at Barker & Associates, which, at the time, was the largest private criminal defense firm in Fresno County.  Subsequently, he also worked for several years as an independent contractor, with the Kavinoky Law Firm, which was the largest DUI firm in California at the time.  Mr. Mitchell’s professional life has been focused on Criminal and DUI defense.  His passion lies in providing his clients with the best defense they can get.

Dedication to Your Criminal & DUI Defense

As a dedicated Fresno Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Mitchell will provide a thorough and honest approach on each and every case.  If you have been arrested for a criminal charge or DUI in Fresno, we are on your side from start to finish.  We may be able to help you avoid or minimize drastic consequences, such as prison, jail, community service, license suspensions, fines or other punishment.  We can also help arrange treatment programs and alternative sentencing options such as electronic monitors.  You have options when it comes to your case.  Unfortunately, a Criminal or DUI allegation can lead to terrible results, such as the loss of your income, professional license or freedom.  We will do everything in our power to prevent that from happening. We have the skill and professional knowledge to assist any client in the defense of any crime. 

Regardless of whether you are accused of a violent offense or a traffic infraction, it is critical that you have experienced legal counsel on your team.  As one of the top Fresno Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Mitchell and his team will go to work on your case to make sure that all the evidence is uncovered and any weaknesses in the prosecution case is exposed.  We make sure that your rights are asserted and your defenses are protected.  Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation to find out how we can help in the defense of your case.